Hit By A Vehicle? What You Should Know About Compensation


Pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents are different from other types of accidents because they typically involve a vulnerable pedestrian who is struck by a much larger and more powerful vehicle. This can result in serious injuries or even fatalities, even at relatively low speeds. Some of the factors that make pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents different are discussed below.   Pedestrian vs. Vehicle Accidents Severity of injuries: Pedestrians are much more vulnerable to injury than occupants of vehicles, due to the lack of protection.

11 May 2023

Filing Injury Lawsuits After Dockless Scooter Accidents: A Complete Guide


Dockless scooters offer a convenient and less expensive mode of transport for people traveling short distances. Unfortunately, these two-wheelers can cause accidents that may result in severe injuries for those riding them and those hit by them. Some of these incidents happen because of the riders' carelessness, while others result from riding poorly manufactured scooters. Whatever the case, you may have a right to seek compensation when you suffer injuries in a dockless scooter accident.

3 February 2023

Why Hire A Family Law Lawyer To Write Up Your Prenup


Agreements are important in any marriage because they help preserve your union. Agreements also help you rebuild your life in case of a divorce. One such document you shouldn't write off is a prenup. Even though it can raise eyebrows when mentioned, you're better off getting one than wishing you hadn't overlooked its importance. Read along to learn why you should hire a family law lawyer to write up your prenup.

28 November 2022

Why Hire Divorce Attorneys Even If You’ve Agreed with Your Spouse to Part Ways


Many divorces turn out to be messy because of the intense emotions involved. You may get angry, stressed, or anxious about the process, especially if you have to deal with child custody, alimony, or property division. Handling this process without a divorce attorney's assistance may be risky because you may make grave mistakes you'll regret for the rest of your life. Even if both of you have agreed to separate, you need a divorce attorney on your side to protect your interests.

26 September 2022

How To Protect Your Interests During An Online Mediation


When you are going through online mediation, the goal is for both sides to benefit from the mediation. Therefore, while discussing your divorce with your lawyer, it's important to make sure that you don't become focused on the best-case scenario in which you receive everything you want through the divorce. However, when you figure out what your priorities are, it will be much easier to make your online divorce mediation successful.

14 July 2022

Key Considerations When Updating A Child Support Order


Child support is one of those inevitabilities of being a non-custodial parent. Whether part of a divorce or just a determination after your child is born, a child support order is enforceable in many ways. That's why it's important that you keep your child support order up to date based on your current circumstances. As a result, there may come a time when you need to have that order modified. Here's a look at some of the many reasons why you should reach out to a child support lawyer about modifying your child support order and payment amount.

9 March 2022

The Primary Benefits Found With Retaining A Skillful Divorce Lawyer


Ending your marriage can be an emotionally and mentally draining process. You may be unsure of all of the ensuing legalities. You also might mourn the loss of your union with someone whom you used to and perhaps still love. Rather than handle the process on your own, you might find it better to hire someone on which to rely during it. You can benefit from retaining an experienced and empathetic divorce lawyer to represent you.

28 December 2021

3 Facts You Should Know About Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney


While all matters of law should be taken seriously, matters involving criminal law are often among the most serious. This is because even a minor criminal offense can result in you being sentenced to jail time if you are convicted. A criminal conviction can also have a lasting impact on your life even if you do not end up serving jail time. Since criminal convictions will show up on background checks, being convicted of a crime can impact your ability to get a job or secure housing in the future.

21 July 2021

Joint Custody Schedules To Consider


Research indicates that children of divorced parents tend to adjust better when they can spend equal time with both parents. In cases where both parents are equally fit to raise their children, judges will typically order a 50/50 custody arrangement. You can let the court decide a parenting schedule for you, or you can work with your former spouse and your divorce attorneys to come up with a schedule that works best for everyone.

28 April 2021

Retaining Experienced Felony Attorneys To Handle Family Law Cases


It can be easy to assume that the various areas of law do not overlap or influence each other. However, many aspects of the law are closely linked to each other. Cases filed in one legal area can easily carry over to the area of another. This especially can be the case when someone is charged with a felony yet also faces a complex family law case. To ensure that you get the best outcome for both, you need to hire one of the felony attorneys who also has experience in matters like family and divorce cases.

6 January 2021