How To Protect Your Interests During An Online Mediation


When you are going through online mediation, the goal is for both sides to benefit from the mediation. Therefore, while discussing your divorce with your lawyer, it's important to make sure that you don't become focused on the best-case scenario in which you receive everything you want through the divorce. However, when you figure out what your priorities are, it will be much easier to make your online divorce mediation successful.

Getting Started

Both you and your partner will be allowed to choose the online divorce mediation service. You will be expected to answer questions. Then, you will be assigned to a mediator who will handle your case.

Using the Mediation Platform

The mediation might be handled through a platform controlled by the service or it might be handled by a well-known third-party conferencing app. The online mediation service might choose to place everyone in a room and discuss the matters of the divorce together, but only if you agree.

If the virtual room does not work, both you and your partner will enter different rooms and the mediator will communicate with both of you separately. The mediator will assist you in drafting an agreement.

Working with an Attorney During an Online Divorce Mediation

During the mediation process, you are able to bring experts in. This can make the mediation easier than if you were to handle it through a traditional brick-and-mortar business. It's also much easier to share important documents that are relevant to your case.

Making Your Divorce Mediation a Success

While using an online service, it's important to still remember that you are in a formal setting and that anything you say during the session can affect your divorce. You will want to focus on pursuing your interests. Even though some individuals choose online mediation so they do not have to work with a lawyer, you still have the option of consulting with a lawyer during your session.

Your attorney will explain to you how online mediation will work in your favor. Your attorney will also discuss with you the motivation behind each goal so that you will be able to decide which of your goals matter the most and which goals can be sacrificed so that both you and your ex can reach an equal agreement. If there are any aspects of your case that you're afraid of, you should bring them up to your lawyer before it arises during the session.

To learn more about online mediation, contact a family and divorce attorney in your area.


14 July 2022

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