Filing Injury Lawsuits After Dockless Scooter Accidents: A Complete Guide


Dockless scooters offer a convenient and less expensive mode of transport for people traveling short distances. Unfortunately, these two-wheelers can cause accidents that may result in severe injuries for those riding them and those hit by them. Some of these incidents happen because of the riders' carelessness, while others result from riding poorly manufactured scooters. Whatever the case, you may have a right to seek compensation when you suffer injuries in a dockless scooter accident. Below are key facts about filing lawsuits after dockless scooter accidents.

Parties You Can Sue After a Dockless Scooter Accident

You can sue several parties when you suffer injuries in a dockless scooter accident. For instance, you can file a claim against the scooter manufacturer or the company that rented you the scooter if manufacturing defects caused your accident. You can also take legal action against a building owner if their poorly maintained driveway or parking lot caused you to fall when riding your scooter. Additionally, you can file a claim against a government agency if broken pavements or poorly maintained streets contribute to your accident. Finally, you may also have a right to sue a rider if they hit you because they were riding carelessly.

If any of these were directly or indirectly responsible for your dockless scooter accident, they should take full responsibility for your losses. So, you need to enlist the services of a lawyer to assist you in determining the liable parties and taking legal action against them. This will ensure that those at fault face justice and compensate you for your losses.

Challenges You Might Face in Your Lawsuit

You have several legal options when pursuing compensation for dockless scooter accidents. However, you can also face challenges while doing so. For instance, claims for injuries caused by poorly manufactured scooters are usually challenging to pursue, especially when a government agency or big companies are involved. Additionally, it can be challenging to trace a scooter malfunction, especially if several riders had used it before your accident. 

These issues can make it challenging to get justice against the liable parties. Therefore, it is advisable to leave your lawsuit to a lawyer. If you do this, your lawyer will investigate your case thoroughly, gather compelling evidence to prove the cause of the accident, and prepare a strong case against the responsible parties.

Pursuing a lawsuit for injuries suffered in a dockless scooter accident can be a complex process. Consider hiring a personal injury attorney to help you in your case.


3 February 2023

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