3 Facts You Should Know About Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney


While all matters of law should be taken seriously, matters involving criminal law are often among the most serious. This is because even a minor criminal offense can result in you being sentenced to jail time if you are convicted. A criminal conviction can also have a lasting impact on your life even if you do not end up serving jail time.

Since criminal convictions will show up on background checks, being convicted of a crime can impact your ability to get a job or secure housing in the future. That is why it is so important that you do not underestimate the importance of hiring a criminal defense attorney when dealing with this type of legal issue. Read on to learn some important facts about securing this type of legal counsel.

It Is Never Too Early To Consult A Criminal Defense Attorney

People often make the mistake of waiting until they have already been arrested and have a court date set before reaching out to a criminal defense attorney. The reason this is a mistake is that many important aspects of a criminal case actually take place before an arrest is ever made. For example, the statements and evidence that are collected by law enforcement as part of their investigation into a criminal matter will often determine whether or not an arrest can even be made.

The problem is, without any legal expertise, the average person is not prepared to ensure that their rights are protected during this investigative process. That is why you should always contact an attorney as soon as you are contacted by law enforcement in regards to a criminal investigation. 

Law Enforcement Cannot Use Your Decision To Consult A Lawyer Against You

If you have ever watched a procedural crime show, you have probably seen the interrogating police officers inform suspects that if they choose to talk to a lawyer before making a statement that they will no longer be able to help them secure a deal from the prosecution. While this type of dramatic statement may make for good television, it has no bearing in real life. Not only do you have every right to contact a criminal defense attorney before answering any questions, but you have the right to exercise this right without it being held against you. 

You Absolutely Can Afford To Consult A Criminal Attorney

Most criminal defense attorneys will offer the opportunity to have an initial consultation at no charge. While this free consultation is not the same as retaining their services, it will provide you with the opportunity to get some basic information regarding your case and to receive an estimate for the legal fees that will be associated with your defense. Consequently, you should never let limited financial resources prevent you from reaching out to a criminal defense attorney in your time of need. 


21 July 2021

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