Joint Custody Schedules To Consider


Research indicates that children of divorced parents tend to adjust better when they can spend equal time with both parents. In cases where both parents are equally fit to raise their children, judges will typically order a 50/50 custody arrangement. You can let the court decide a parenting schedule for you, or you can work with your former spouse and your divorce attorneys to come up with a schedule that works best for everyone. Here are some common joint custody schedules that your divorce attorney might suggest as well as their pros and cons.

Alternating Weeks

One of the most common joint custody schedules is for parents to alternate weeks with their children. This means you'll have your children stay at your home for one week, and then they'll spend the next week at your former spouse's home. Divorce attorneys often recommend this schedule because it's easy to keep track of, and there are fewer transfers to make for busy kids and parents.

The potential downside is that it may not be ideal for some very young children. Toddlers and young kids may experience anxiety if they're away from their other parent for a week at a time, so your divorce attorney might recommend more frequent transfers until your kids get older.

2-2-3 Days

This arrangement works best when parents live close to each other and can make frequent exchanges. You'll have your children for two days, your former spouse will have them for two days, and then they come back to you for three days. Then, the schedule flips. Although this arrangement requires you to interact with your former spouse more often, it benefits children to see their parents more frequently. If you have problems interacting with your former spouse, your divorce attorney may recommend meeting at a neutral location instead of your homes.

3-4-4-3 Days

This schedule is a variation of the 2-2-3 arrangement in that parents always have the beginning or end of the week with the kids, and they take turns with an extra day in the middle. You might have the kids Sunday through Tuesday, their other parent would take them Wednesday through Saturday, and then you'd switch having them on Wednesday every other week. You won't have to transfer the kids as often, and they'll still get to spend plenty of time with both parents. It can take more effort to remember to swap the exchange time each week, but your divorce attorney can help you work out the most beneficial arrangement for your whole family.

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28 April 2021

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