Retaining Experienced Felony Attorneys To Handle Family Law Cases


It can be easy to assume that the various areas of law do not overlap or influence each other. However, many aspects of the law are closely linked to each other. Cases filed in one legal area can easily carry over to the area of another.

This especially can be the case when someone is charged with a felony yet also faces a complex family law case. To ensure that you get the best outcome for both, you need to hire one of the felony attorneys who also has experience in matters like family and divorce cases.

Protecting Your Reputation

When you are embroiled in a felonious criminal case, you can expect your reputation to be heavily scrutinized in family cases like a divorce. In fact, your spouse may purposely bring up the fact that you have felony charges against you or have been found guilty of the felony accusations against you.

However, the felony charges may be false or have little to do with the divorce case that you need to handle. You also may believe that your reputation does not deserve to be scrutinized or used against you in the outcome of the family law case.

Felony attorneys are adept at getting evidence used against you in criminal court excluded from family court proceedings. Your lawyer can shield your reputation and force the facts of the family law case to come into play in your divorce. He or she can make sure that your criminal case is not a factor in how the divorce judge hears and decides your case.

Making the Case for Innocence

If the family court judge refuses to exclude evidence or testimony from your felonious case, he or she can also be compelled to hear evidence of your innocence. Felony attorneys can argue that you are innocent and provide proof that the felony charges have no bearing against you. Your lawyer can instill enough doubt in the judge's mind to decide in your favor and avoid causing you undue hardship because of your criminal case.

Felony attorneys provide critical benefits to clients who have both criminal and family law cases in progress. Your attorney can safeguard your reputation and keep out information from your criminal case in your divorce proceedings. He or she can also provide evidence to show that you are not guilty of the criminal charges against you and should be handled fairly.

If you are facing felony charges, contact a felony attorney. 


6 January 2021

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