What Makes Up A Divorce Decree?


It does not matter if your divorce goes through mediation or a trial since it always ends in getting a divorce decree. This is the document that states how the divorce will happen and is signed by a judge to make it enforceable. Here are some of the things you can expect to find in a divorce decree.


Every divorce decree will have an identification section. This section lists the names of the two people getting the divorce, the attorneys involved with the divorce, as well as the names of children that are involved. This makes it very clear who is being referred to in the rest of the document since full names are not always used. 


The jurisdiction section basically states why the family court that you use has the right to make the divorce decree official. It is often based on where you live and your local family court, but it can be complicated in other situations where a couple has moved to different parts of the country and jurisdiction may not be so clear.

Child Support & Custody

The final decision made over custody will be listed. This includes who pays and receives child support, how much child support will be paid, who has custody, what the visitation schedule will be like, and things of that nature. If you have a special needs child with additional costs related to medical bills, the information on how those bills will be handled is listed in this section. 

Division of Assets

All of the shared marital assets will be listed in the division of assets section, as well as identifying what is individual property and will not be divided. Asset division will be spelled out specifically in this section to avoid any confusion as to who will receive which assets.


If one spouse needs to seek money that they are owed from the other spouse, this will be put in a reimbursement section. A good example of this is a house is declared to be individual property, but both people put money into the house when they were married. The person that does not own the house may seek reimbursement for improvements that they put into the home as a couple. For example, adding a swimming pool, renovating a kitchen, or adding an addition. 


The year that you are divorced can be a complicated tax situation. All the tax details are spelled out in this section, including who will pay estimated taxes at the end of the year or how a refund will be split between both people. 

For more information about working with a divorce lawyer, contact a local law office.


2 November 2020

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