Seven Things You Need To Look Into Before You Divorce


Many couples go into divorce with too much emotion and not enough thoughtfulness and consideration. The more you think about and plan for your divorce, the better your outcome is likely to be. There are numerous important factors to consider for spouses who are thinking about divorcing. The following are seven things you need to look into right now if you are thinking about divorcing. 

Laws in Your State

It's important for divorcing couples to realize that divorce laws can differ significantly between states. You need to familiarize yourself with divorce laws in your state before you get started with the divorce process. 

The Possible Approaches to Divorce

Analyzing your situation with your spouse is important in determining which approach you'll be taking in your divorce if you do in fact decide on divorcing. Three common options are mediation, settlement agreements, and contested divorces. Mediation and settlement agreements are generally the most affordable means of divorcing. They consist of the two spouses agreeing to certain terms decided between the two divorcing spouses or with the help of a mediator. If divorcing spouses cannot agree on the terms of their divorce, they may need to go to court in a contested divorce. 

Your Finances

You need to analyze your finances before deciding to go ahead with divorce. If you are entirely dependent on your spouse for financial support, it may be difficult for you to fund your divorce. Make sure you have the funds to support yourself and your children during divorce proceedings before you decide to divorce. 

Your Emotions

Emotions are a big factor in most divorces. It's important to be conscious of your emotions and control them. You want to make decisions during your divorce rationally and avoid being driven entirely by emotions for the best outcome. 

The Kids

Kids are obviously a huge factor - if you and your spouse have them - in a divorce. Your divorce is going to impact the lives of your children, so it's important that you discuss what's happening with them. 

The Time Frame

There is no hurry to divorce unless you or your spouse are intending to immediately marry another person. In many cases, it's best to simply establish a separation agreement in the meantime and wait to finalize your divorce if you and your spouse are both focused on raising young children at the moment. 

The Condition of Your Relationship With Your Spouse

The number one factor in divorce is and will always be the condition of your relationship with your spouse. Divorce attorneys are not marriage counselors and are not necessarily equipped to help you deal with this factor. However, it is essential in any divorce.

While divorcing is a necessity in many marriages, some couples that end up staying married have at one time or another considered divorce. Put adequate thought into whether you can work through issues with your spouse. If you can, you can save yourself from the need to go through the divorce process. 


13 February 2020

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