Common Child Support Misconceptions


Divorce is difficult. Not only does it cause a good amount of emotional distress between you and your spouse, but it can also affect family and friends. Of course, if you and your spouse have children, divorce can be even more overwhelming. One of the most challenging parts of divorcing when children are involved is deciding who pays child support and how much is actually paid. Unfortunately, you may believe a few myths regarding this important financial support. Here are the truths behind a few common child support myths.

Support Must Be Spent on The Child Only

One of the most confusing parts of child support is how this money can be used. Most people believe it can only be used to care for the child or purchase items for the child, which is partially true. Child support can be used towards any expense associated with your child's care.

Even though all 50 states have set guidelines to follow when determining how child support can be used, many people are still confused by it. It is important to remember that each person's case is different. If you do not make any or very little income, your child support agreement may allow you to use child support towards rent, utilities, and basic living expenses, since this is all necessary for caring for your child.

In most cases, child support can be used towards food, shelter, medication, medical care, clothing, childcare, educational costs/fees/supplies, travel/transportation, entertainment, and your child's extracurricular activities.

Can't Pay Support If Unemployed

Another common myth is that you (or your spouse) can't be forced to pay child support if you (or your spouse) is unemployed. The truth is that courts can force the payments whether you are employed or not.

If there is no income or not enough income to cover the designated child support amounts, a request to modify the agreements must be made to the courts. If the court does not agree to modify the payments, it will be up to you (or your spouse) to figure out how this money will be paid.

Eventually, all child support payments will be made in one form or another whether through a garnishment of your wages when the payer does start working or after time is spent in jail for not making the designated child support payments.

Child support should be paid because it is necessary for your child's care. This guide will help you understand the truth behind a few common myths. Contact a child support attorney for more help.


17 September 2018

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