3 Tips When Going Through A Divorce


Getting a divorce can be stressful but necessary if you and your spouse truly no longer see eye to eye. There are a lot of reasons for getting divorced, but you'll need to understand some steps related to the type of divorce to file in your state, the steps to hiring a divorce lawyer and some coping strategies for making it through this difficult period of time. When you apply all of these strategies, you'll be in great hands moving on with the rest of your life. Get start by applying these considerations. 

#1: Know your state divorce law and figure out the type of divorce you are filing

Each state has very different divorce laws and filing prerequisites. For instance, they often require you to have been married a certain period of time and a resident of the state for certain period of time as well. There are also a number of different divorce types that you might file – to include limited divorce, contested, uncontested and simplified. The more that you understand about your personal situations, the more accurate decision you will make regarding your divorce filing and every step thereafter.

 #2: Seek references on divorce lawyers and hire the best to represent you

The most important piece of the puzzle when you want to move on with your life is hiring a divorce lawyer that can get you the greatest end result, with as little complication as possible. Get references from other people you know who are also divorced. From there, sit down with 3 to 4 different credible lawyers in order to ask them how they can represent you. Get a feel for their style of communication and their overall concern for your issues and ability to serve you. These lawyers might charge you anywhere between $250 per hour and $450 per hour, so always have enough money in your budget pay for these services.

#3: Take care of your overall well-being during the divorce process

The way that you care for yourself during the divorce will dictate your mental health and stress levels. Divorce will be arguably one of the most difficult things you go through, so it is critical to keep your stress levels under control. Get a gym membership and consider treating yourself to regular spa days. A spa day can consist of things like hot and cold tubs, dry and steam saunas, and massages which will lower your cortisol levels and renew your overall sense of well-being.

When you use these three tips, you will be able to make sure that you are getting the divorce that you need.


2 May 2017

divorce - tips for fathers fighting for custody

Divorce is never an easy situation. For fathers, it can be even more stressful because it is more difficult to obtain custody of the kids. Having gone through a divorce myself, I learned quite a bit about the additional steps that fathers should go through to ensure that they have a fair chance at gaining custody of the kids. My site is filled with the tips and advice that I received from my lawyer and other fathers that have gone through the same thing. Hopefully, what you learn on my site will help you achieve the outcome that you hope for.