Getting A Divorce? How You Can Avoid Litigation

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Getting a divorce is an extremely stressful time.  However, going to trial, or litigation, can take an already frustrating time to the next level.  Letting a third party (the family court judge) make the decision concerning how your family and assets should be divided can proceed for years, costing you more time and money than necessary.  If you're getting a divorce, use this information to learn more about how you can avoid litigation so you can move on with your life as soon as possible.

Seek The Help Of A Mediator

If you find that you and your partner are unable to come to an agreement concerning issues like child custody or the division of assets, it's best to obtain the assistance of a mediator.  A mediator is an objective, third-party individual who can help you both determine the right way to approach these matters so that you won't have to get the courts involved.

A mediator is so helpful because they simply offer advice.  Unlike a judge, whose ruling may not be beneficial for one or both of you, the assistance given by a mediator is not final and is only meant to reach beyond the emotional differences that the two of you may feel in order to arrive at an arrangement that is mutually beneficial.

When you work with a mediator, you and your former partner can tell them exactly what you think is an appropriate way to handle the situation so that you arrive at the right position.  For example, if you are seeking sole custody with visitation privileges to your former mate but they are not in agreement, you can explain to the mediator that the reason you want this arrangement is because you don't want to pull your child away from their school.  The mediator will then help your former partner see how this benefits the child.

Obtain An Attorney

Another way you can avoid litigation is to obtain an attorney.  The lawyer will draw up an agreement for your former partner to look over which states exactly how you want to divide up your assets.  Once both of you agree and sign the arrangement, you can finalize your divorce without having to get the court system involved.

Divorcing doesn't have to be unnecessarily difficult if you know what to do.  Contact a divorce attorney, such as those from Warfield Darrah & Erdmann, for more information and assistance on proceeding. If you are seeking a divorce, start using this information right away so you can keep litigation at bay.


26 August 2015

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