Curb The Divorce Drama: The Etiquette Guide For Facing Your Ex In Court


 Divorcing couples often find themselves at war with one another, and fighting can become the new norm for both parties. If you want to keep your sense of self-respect and avoid making a scene in court, it's vitally important that you treat your soon-to-be ex with respect in court. Here's an etiquette guide for keeping it together in court.

Be Sincere

Although it can be tempting to make passive-aggressive statements toward a spouse who has been unfair, take the high road. Be sincere in the statements that you make during court. 

Keep Your Composure

Emotions run high during the divorce process. A judge realizes that fact, but it doesn't mean that you don't have an obligation to remain calm when you are in court. Yes, this may be the last time that you have meaningful contact with your ex, but it doesn't have to be. If you are going to have an emotional outburst, plan to have it somewhere else outside the courtroom.

Focus on the Matter at Hand

If you have kids, your ex will be in your life for many years to come. Co-parenting and someday sharing grandchildren are two experiences that will likely still bond you together as the years pass. Avoid acrimony by keeping conversations focused on practical matters, especially when it's time to show up for court. A polite smile can go a long way, then move on to what you need to discuss.

Limit Communication

You are not obligated to spend a lot of time conversing with your ex during the divorce proceedings. While you may both have to show up for court, you don't have to chat as though you are still best friends. Say hello when faced with your ex, but you can just leave it at that unless there is a pressing need to have a conversation.

If your ex persists in trying to talk to you in court when you'd rather not have the conversation, it's perfectly fine to explain that you are unable to chat at the moment. Don't follow it up with false promises to talk later if you don't mean it, either. Say what you want and mean it.

While divorce is a painful and challenging step, you are moving towards a better situation for yourself. When it's possible, always extend the olive branch and be polite. You'll have much less to regret if you remain polite and civil no matter how tempted you are to express how frustrating the divorce has been.

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7 August 2015

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