Unhappily Married: What A Lawyer Can Do To Speed Up Your Divorce


Are you in a marriage that has become miserable for both you and your spouse? If you want out of the marriage, you can hire a lawyer to help you get a divorce finalized as quickly as possible. In this article, find out what a lawyer can do to give you a faster divorce so you and your spouse can move on.

How Can a Lawyer Make the Divorce Process Faster?

If you are divorcing your spouse but he or she does not want to go through with it, a lawyer can still help you file. Your spouse will have the right to contest the divorce, but your lawyer will do everything possible to get your spouse to agree. One of the things the lawyer will do is set up a mediation session so marital issues between you and your spouse can be discussed in a cordial manner. Getting your spouse to sign the divorce documents is the fastest way to end the marriage.

The next thing that will come into play is whether or not there are children and who will get custody. If neither your or your spouse is a bad parent, joint custody is the most ideal arrangement. Joint custody will allow the children an equal amount of time with both parents. Your lawyer can help you setup a good schedule as to who will have custody at different times during the year.

A few of the other services the lawyer may help with include:

  • Alimony
  • Asset distribution
  • Marital debt settlement

How Long Will It Take For the Divorce to Be Finalized?

You must keep in mind that each state has a set of statutes for finalizing a divorce. For instance, some states will make it mandatory for you to wait so many days before the divorce is finalized when there are children involved. There are also some states that will allow a divorce to be finalized in a very short period of time. The speed of the divorce process will simply depend on where you live and the level of cooperation from your spouse.

Remaining in an unhappy marriage when there is no hope for reconciliation is pointless. Staying in the marriage for the sake of children is not the best idea, as you may only cause them more stress. Allow a divorce service, like Nevada Legal Forms & Tax services, to help you file for a divorce in the most peaceful way possible so it can be finalized in an acceptable amount of time.


19 March 2015

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