Is Your Kid Facing A Serious Juvenile Offense?


No parent wants to think about their child calling them from jail or about the authorities coming to their door to report their child is locked up and in big trouble for breaking the law. Most parents facing this kind of trouble with their kids automatically think about how to find the best legal support and representation. Finding a lawyer, such as Andrew H. P. Norton, that you can trust with your child's future is challenging and should never be taken lightly.

Criminal Law And Juvenile Offenses

Never think for a second the charges facing your child will automatically be dealt with in a lighter manner because of age. In many states, juvenile offenses are treated in the same respect as adult charges. The reasoning behind treating juvenile offenders the same as adults is to frighten young people into obeying the law. If your child has been charged with a juvenile offense and you are sure he or she is guilty, contacting a criminal defense attorney with a great deal of experience in juvenile representation is important.

Juvenile Misdemeanors And Felony Offenses

If you automatically assume your child's record will be clean after they turn eighteen, think again. In many areas, juvenile offenses that can be considered a felony are not allowed to be expunged, leaving a mark on your child's record that will follow them through life. However, most juvenile misdemeanors can be expunged. Your attorney can tell you more about the likelihood of your child's offense eventually being expunged or not.

Status Offenses And Your Child

Some crimes can only be called crimes if they are committed by someone considered a minor. Underage drinking and skipping school are examples of common status offenses. For a parent, dealing with these offenses can be easier with the help of juvenile counseling, especially if your child has been repeating the same status offense over and over again. If your child receives a deferred adjudication in a court of law, preventing him or her from repeating the same offense is crucial to avoid more severe punishment for it. Counseling can be a helpful tool for parents to learn the reasons why a child may be committing any type of crime or misdemeanor.

The thought of your child being behind bars or worse can be suffocating and cause you to experience high levels of stress. Learning more about yours and your child's options for legal counsel can help you have a clearer idea about what to expect in court. Avoid putting off seeking legal counsel if your kid has gotten into trouble. Doing so could add a lot more pressure and stress to a situation that is burdensome enough on its own.


25 February 2015

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